Master Mechanic™ Series

Master Mechanic™ Series Service Bodies provide the heavy-duty performance you need to tackle the most difficult and demanding jobs. Choose from the 100-Series standard nine-foot body design with a 60-inch cab-to-axle length or the 200-Series 11-foot body with an 84-inch cab-to-axle length. We’re also able to provide custom sizes upon request. These Master Mechanic service bodies offer standard, infinitely adjustable shelving, flush mount doors, integrated tie-downs in the bed and slam-action tailgates.


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Master Mechanic™ Series Crane Bodies come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your particular project requirements. Built to withstand your industry's toughest environment, models range from nine feet to 14 feet in body length, 60 inches to 120 inches in cab-to-axle chassis and up to 12,000-pound weight capacity.

These Master Mechanic utility bodies offer infinitely adjustable shelving that gives you control over your storage capabilities and a modular design that reduces long-term operating costs having to repair and replace components. The Master Mechanic Series is engineered with a minimum of two horizontal cross-members for a substructure that rivals the strength and stability of any other body on the market.

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When you head out to the work site or go on a service appointment or emergency repair, there’s peace of mind knowing you are fully equipped to get the job done right. You need a mechanic truck that’s tough and durable, and that also offers all of the functions you need to do your best work.

As a leading source of truck equipment,服务卡车和truck bodies in North America, Reading Truck Body offers an extensive selection of premium-quality Master Mechanic™ utility bodies, that deliver everything you need out of a mechanic service truck, including the many functions that are most important to mechanics.

In what way do you need to improve your mechanic truck? Whether you need to upgrade a cab chassis for your contracting business or you’re outfitting an entire fleet of cable and公用事业卡车,我们拥有以竞争力的价格寻找的生产性和可靠的产品。bob官方 到yb4 uk网站

A Mechanic Truck Designed to Meet Your Demands


我们设计了这些技工服务机构,提供最佳的功能和存储容量,以使日常任bob体育属于哪个公司务更安全,更容易。当您作为机械师工作时的时间是金钱,这些服务机构旨在使机械车尽可能高的高效节省。bob体育属于哪个公司无论您是携带各种工具和硬件还是您的工作需要使用梯子或起重机,您都可以找到适合于几乎任何应用的Master Mechanic™卡车车身模型。

Discover the Wealth of Features and Benefits

The Master Mechanic™ Series body includes more standard features and benefits than our competitors’ standard production bodies — Feature Superior + Price Competitive = best overall VALUE available. All of the truck equipment we carry is made from premium materials and constructed right here in the U.S.A. by skilled craftspeople. When you purchase utility bodies from us, you benefit from a tough and reliable product backed by our impressive三年有限保修提供额外的扩展覆盖选项。

Why should a mechanic service truck that delivers value matter to you? There are two primary reasons. First, when you have a mechanic truck that can do what you need it to do on a regular basis, you’re able to respond to more calls for service and deliver the best possible results — which can help you earn more money through referrals and loyalty customers.

其次,当您有一个坚固耐用的机械服务卡车时,您可以多年推迟维修和更换费用 - 这为您提供了金钱。

选择你理想的机械Truck Platform

Our customers come to us with a variety of different needs, which is why we choose to offer different options for anyone who owns a mechanic service truck.

Our heavy-duty Master Mechanic™ Series bodies are available in two basic platforms,bob体育属于哪个公司起重机尸体, with design and manufacture focused on withstanding the harshest environments and most demanding applications in field use while providing the user with the highest quality, most user-friendly, versatile, functional, and safe body available.

Make sure you get the right fit for your mechanic truck rather than settling for some generic solution.

Are You Ready for the Best Mechanic Service Truck Body?

Explore our options in Master Mechanic Series trucks and follow the links for more in-depth details. If you’re ready to make a purchase,联系我们或者find a distributor in your areatoday. We provide a number of Reading Truck Body upfit locations and a network of authorized distributors serving消费者,dealers,bob app下载 fleet ownersacross the continent.